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One of a kind Daffodil Necklace with Flower Toggle Clasp in Artisan-Crafted 999 Black Fine Silver

One of a kind Daffodil Necklace with Flower Toggle Clasp in Artisan-Crafted 999 Black Fine Silver

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One-of-a-kind daffodil necklace from the Arpaia® Fine Silver Cruise Collection exquisitely handcrafted in luxurious solid 999 fine silver that has been beautifully finished with a natural black oxidation process.  

All black fine silver adornments and components were handmade by Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver artisans, a cottage industry based on joyous work, unrivaled quality, fair trade, and eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free business practices and production. 

The 4mm unsoldered round chain with floral toggle clasp is approximately 29.5" long. The 40mm daffodil pendant with oval wave-patterned toggle bail is approximately 2" in overall length and just over 1.5" at the widest point of the pendant. The open petal daffodil pendant with 4 ball tip stamens in the middle has over 0.5" in depth as shown in the side view images.

Designer's "Love Price" shown.

Purchaser receives the same necklace shown.

Luxury soft-fabric lined gift box, microfiber cleaning cloth, and care instructions included with purchase.

Complimentary gift wrap available upon request at checkout.

About Fine Silver: 999 fine silver is pure silver that is not mixed with any other metal. It is the whitest noble metal on Earth. Pure fine silver is softer than sterling silver alloy.

About Black Fine Silver: Black Fine Silver of this caliber that is naturally produced through an oxidation process has genuine deep gray to black overtones depending on the light. The soft satiny luster results from hand-shine polishing.

The black finish produced by natural oxidation processes wears down over time to reveal the lovely silver underneath. The aged muted gray coloration is very desirable and many customers of black fine silver love the softer antiqued metal appearance. However, the natural black oxidization of fine silver is typically achieved by leaving the jewelry out in the open air for several days. Also, where a more treated black coating is desired, fine silver jewelry can be professionally plated in black rhodium or ruthenium.

Care: Fine silver jewelry can last generations with gentle wear and care ~ in the jewelry industry, we call it LOVE. To prevent damage to the necklace when not being worn, store it inside the box provided (or in a soft protective pouch away from all other jewelry).

After wear, gently wipe necklace with the untreated soft clean microfiber cloth provided. This cloth will remove fingerprints and residues. If needed to remove more stubborn grime and oils, gently wash necklace in warm sudsy water with mild soap only, using the microfiber cloth to wipe away all residues.

Never use abrasives, detergents, harsh agents, chemicals, or silver jewelry cleaners on this necklace. And never clean this necklace in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. These products and methods can completely wear off the black oxidized finish and permanently damage the fine silver metal itself.

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