Return & Refund Policies

Return & Refund Policies

Intro by the Designer

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! I'm Kimberly Arpaia, the founder, sole owner, and sole employee of a small jewelry design business. I do everything from creating most of the jewelry sold on this site to shipping it out. I hope that you LOVE your new Arpaia® jewelry, but no worries if not. I'm here to help!

While return policies are formal by nature, my goal is to provide good info in a friendly, welcoming way. 

Simply follow the below steps set forth in this policy to make a return. And, please reach out if you need assistance along the way. I'll be delighted to assist you. You may contact me directly by email sent to: Or, if you prefer, feel free to call or text me on my mobile phone at +1 (203) 530-6600. Be sure to leave a clear message sufficient to let me know what information you seek. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply; if I can get back to you more quickly, I will.


WITH LIMITED EXCEPTIONS IDENTIFIED IN SECTION B BELOW, I'M PLEASED TO OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. This means that you don't need a reason to return a piece of jewelry for a refund unless the item is expressly identified as not returnable in Section B below.

Separate provisions relate to items lost or damaged in shipment (see Section G of this policy) or items that are defective (see Sections H and I of this policy). The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee relates to all other items purchased on this site, and the return policy is noted in Sections B through F below.

B. Pursuant to standard practices, THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE:

     (1) Earrings are not eligible for return for hygienic reasons.

     (2) Sale items and Gift Cards are not eligible for return.

     (3) Special Orders, Made to Order items, Custom-made items, and items altered at your request are not eligible for return. 

     (4) Any worn item, any item with the Do Not Remove Tag removed, or any item that is not in the same new first quality condition as received is not eligible for return.

     (5) Any item damaged in shipment is not eligible for return. However, all orders are shipped fully insured with reimbursement sought through the insurance carrier. Please see below Section G for more detail.

     (6) Insurance/Shipping Charges and Processing Fees are Not Refunded. With respect to any returned item(s), any shipping charges paid by you are not refunded and any processing fees and insured shipping charges paid on my end are deducted from the refund amount. See below Section F for more detail on refunds and shipping charges.

     (7) Gift Wrapping is a service that is not eligible for return. Gift Wrap/Wrapping charges are Not Refunded.


Section E covers the return process in detail. I thought beachlove shoppers might find it helpful to glean a few important topics upfront:

     (1) YOU MUST REQUEST PERMISSION TO MAKE A RETURN. You may return any eligible item purchased on this site, but to do so, you must contact me first that you wish to make a return. I will reply to confirm that the item is eligible for return. 

     (2) A REQUEST FOR RETURN must be made within Fourteen (14) calendar days from the date that the order was delivered to the shipping address stated on the sales receipt. Requests for returns made after 14-days from receipt are not valid, in which event, the merchandise is not returnable and not refundable. 

     (3) DO NOT REMOVE ANY TAG ATTACHED TO A JEWELRY ITEM THAT YOU MAY WISH TO RETURN. Once a Do Not Remove tag is cut off, the item is no longer eligible for return. Only once you've decided to keep the item, should you safely cut off the tag with scissors - taking care to keep the scissors away from any part of the jewelry itself. See section D below for more detail.

     (4) There are other conditions for return noted below in this Policy. Please feel free to contact me with any questions before placing an order. This way, you may have complete confidence in your beachlove purchase. As the maker and seller of beachlove, your shopping experience and happiness are key to my business.


At present, I use a white plastic tag marked "NOT RETURNABLE IF REMOVED." THIS TAG PROVIDES PEACE OF MIND TO ALL BEACHLOVE SHOPPERS. I sell only new, first quality, unworn, unused items on this site. The Do Not Remove Tag enables qualifying returns while ensuring that every beachlove purchaser receives jewelry or other items in brand new, unworn, and unused condition.

Please safely and carefully cut off the Do Not Remove tag only once you've decided to keep the item. 


     (1) ITEM MUST BE ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN. As mentioned above, to be eligible for return and refund, your item must be eligible for return and in new, first quality, undamaged, unworn, and unused condition, with the Do Not Remove Tag (if any) still attached to the item. Your return must include all original packaging and enclosed materials, along with a copy of the sales receipt or other proof of purchase.

     (2) TO START A RETURN, YOU MUST MAKE A RETURN REQUEST WITHIN 14-DAYS OF DELIVERY. Please contact me directly by email sent to: In the email, please include your full name, your reply email address, the order number, and the name(s) of the item(s) that you wish to return. Your Return Request must be received within 14-days from the delivery date of your order to the delivery address stated on your sales receipt.

     (3) WAIT FOR A REPLY EMAIL APPROVING THE RETURN. I will send an email reply (usually within 24 - 48 hours) to confirm that your return request has been received. If your return request is accepted, I'll also provide a prepaid return shipping label and return shipping instructions. If your return request is not accepted, then I'll let you know the reason why (for example, if the item is a pair of earrings - earrings are not returnable for sanitary reasons).

    (4) HAVE QUESTIONS? Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions and I'll reply as soon as able. You may contact me directly by email sent to: Or, if you prefer to text or chat on the phone, feel free to call my mobile at +1 (203) 530-6600. Leave a voice message or send a text. Please allow a day or two for me to get back to you so that I can give your matter the keen attention it deserves.


First, a personal note about Shipping Costs Incident to Returned Merchandise: I endeavor to price all jewelry fairly on this site and also to provide a smooth return process in connection with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My hope is to strike the right balance by deciding on a refund policy that will be fair and reassuring to all shoppers. I did not raise the overall prices of the products shown on this site to account for free return shipping costs. I think this approach is the fairest to all shoppers.

Here is how Shipping Charges in connection with Return Merchandise are paid:

     (1) Original Shipping Charges paid by you in connection with your order are not refundable, and therefore, are not included in the Net Refund Amount stated below.

     (2) In addition, any pro-rata Shipping Insurance and Shipping Charges paid on my end (if any) to ship out your order (based on the value of the returned merchandise versus the value of the entire merchandise in your order) are deducted from the Net Refund Amount.

     (3) The Shipping Costs paid on my end to receive your return are deducted from the Net Refund Amount.

     (4) Net Refund Amount - the refund to be paid on an approved return is computed as the SUM of the following:

          (a) the actual purchase price paid for the approved returned merchandise;

          (b) less, the pro rata amount of Processing Fees, Shipping Insurance Costs, and Shipping Charges paid on my end (if any) allocable solely to the returned merchandise portion of your order; and

          (c) less, the amount of insurance and shipping costs paid by me on the return.

     (5) I will notify you promptly once I’ve received and inspected your return to let you know if the refund is approved. If the refund is not approved, I'll provide the reason why.

     (6) Once your refund is approved, the Net Refund Amount will be automatically refunded to you on your original payment method within ten (10) business days.

Please note that it can take several days for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund. If more than 15 business days have passed since your refund was approved, please contact me to check into:


All orders are shipped insured for the full purchase amount. Recovery for any item damaged or lost during transit is through an insurance claim. For this purpose, it's important to inspect your package and all contents as soon as possible upon delivery.

Please notify me immediately if there is a problem and I'll contact the insurer on your behalf. Please retain the shipping container, and take photos of the damaged shipping container and all damaged contents therein - shipping carriers and insurance providers often request these items as proof of shipping damage in connection with paying out on a filed claim.

Here is my direct contact info:


     Mobile Phone to send a text: +1 (203) 530-6600.

Please provide your full name, order number, a statement of the damaged item(s), and photos of the damaged shipping box and items. It is my responsibility to quickly resolve all issues that might arise with your order. Kindly allow ample time for me to respond to your priority email or text (24 - 48 hours). I'll then file an insurance claim for full reimbursement to you as promptly as possible, and I'll keep you informed along the way. 

H. FULL REFUND FOR RETURN OF DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE (or another available remedy, as you may prefer).

All items sold on this site are guaranteed to be free from defect for Thirty (30) Calendar Days from the date of purchase (i.e., the date shown on the order receipt).

I endeavor to always use high-quality materials and make every piece of jewelry with due care and fine craftsmanship. Despite my intention and efforts, mistakes happen in the design or fabrication process, or sometimes a part used to make a piece is faulty. I try to catch problems before an item is ready for sale, but sometimes a problem is not evident until a piece is worn.

I sincerely apologize if you receive a defective item and I'll make it right! 

     (1) Please follow the return instructions in Section I below. 

     (2) I will pay for all costs to return the defective merchandise and provide you with a prepaid return shipping label.

     (3) If you would like a refund and your return is approved, the full purchase price paid by you (including any sales tax and shipping expense paid by you incident to your purchase of the defective item) will be refunded upon the return and approval of the defective merchandise. 

     (4) In lieu of a refund, please let me know if you would prefer that the defective item be repaired, replaced, or exchanged, and I will let you know if that option is possible/available.


  1. If you think an item is defective, within 30 days of purchase (the date stated on your confirmed order), please contact me per one of below methods:

               By Email:

               By text to my Mobile Phone: +1 (203) 530-6600

         Please provide your full name and email address, order number, item to be returned, and nature of the defect (along with a photo of the defective item).

     2. I will reply with return instructions and provide a prepaid return shipping label.

     3. Upon receipt of your return, I will examine the returned merchandise to confirm that it is defective and let you know the amount of your refund and when you can expect to receive it. 

     4. If upon examination of the return, I determine that the item was not defective, but rather was damaged after delivery, then it is not eligible for return and is not refundable. In that event, I might be able to repair the damage or replace the item with your consent, and I would notify you of all applicable costs and shipping charges in connection therewith for your approval.

     5. Allergic Reactions to Jewelry are NOT Defects: Certain metals and other materials used to make jewelry may cause skin or other allergic reactions to the wearer. I cannot anticipate nor be responsible for any adverse allergic and/or skin reactions to the metals and other materials used in the fabrication process. Such allergic and/or skin reactions are not due to a jewelry defect, but rather, to the wearer’s personal condition. As a result, in connection with all items sold on this site, any worn item that causes skin or other allergic reaction is not defective and is not eligible for return or refund.