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Kimberly Arpaia, New Haven, CT USA

Jewelry Designer and Founder of Arpaia®

GIA Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Pearls, and Applied Jewelry Professional


Classic Collection

Hand-fabricated and finished silver and vermeil one-of-a-kind bracelets & necklaces created by the Designer Kimberly Arpaia in collaboration with Goldsmith Robert Lang. Luxurious Quality. Supple Drape. Timeless Appeal.

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Gemstone Stretch Bracelets by Arpaia®

SO MUCH TO LOVE!! Wrap around beauty. Easy on & off. Immensely comfortable wear. Stretch bracelets are super popular amongst all age groups and one of the most requested bracelet styles by the Designer's custom clientele.

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Exciting news ~ the designer's newest mainstay collection of watery wonders has its own website!

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