Testimonials for Arpaia® and Arpaia Lang

I have known Kimberly and Robert for years. Although they have moved from my small quaint town to the "big city", (Cheshire to New Haven, CT respectfully) their sense of uniqueness, style, edge and timelessness have created the most amazing pieces of jewelry I am blessed to own. Arpaia Lang is my exclusive destination and choice. I will treasure and continue to acquire and add new pieces to my collection.

I wear Arpaia Lang daily and each day I receive compliments. My heart and soul smile as I am reminded of the warmness of the creators, Kimberly and Robert.

Dawn Cooluris

I have been buying jewelry from Arpaia Lang for years now. I love it so much I keep going back for more. The quality and beauty is always there along with great customer service. Pictures don't due the jewelry justice. Always look forward to see what new designs they come up with. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Christine Volpe

My family and I have a long-standing relationship with Robert and Kim. From the beginning they have made us feel like we are all family. And their jewelry! WOW! I wish I would have won Powerball so I could buy everything I want. I am an earring girl, and Arpaia Lang has a wide range of styles. My favorites were always the Swarovski earrings (I like the bling!) but I am not adverse to the others they carry. Kim and Robert do what they can to make you happy from re-designing an old piece of jewelry to designing something new and fresh. I love Arpaia Lang and their beautiful, bright store.

Kathy Belleau

My wife Michelle and I have been big fans of Arpaia Lang since they opened the doors. The quality and craftsmanship of their merchandise cannot be matched by any other jewelry store in Connecticut. The personal attention they gave made us feel like they value our business and care about wants and needs. You always seem to find the perfect gift for any occasion and never use pushy sales tactics to "up sell" us. We are comforted by Robert's industry knowledge and education when making decisions on what to buy, and I always seem to learn something when I stop in. Get the secret out: "Arpaia Lang" is the place to buy jewelry!

John A. Cirello, Esq.

I bought my fiancé's engagement ring through Arpaia Lang and I could not have asked for a better experience. Kim and Robert were unbelievably knowledgeable, thoughtful and passionate throughout the entire process. My fiancé is the only one of her friends that is wearing a completely custom engagement ring. All of her friends have rings that were picked off of a shelf and pre-fabricated. When she tells her friends that the ring is custom and designed from scratch specifically for her their jaws drop. Every step of the process from the initial meeting, to choosing a design style, deciding on a diamond, the material of the band, the CAD designs all the way to delivery was impeccable. One conversation with Kim and Robert and you will be able to tell right away their vast knowledge and passion for diamonds, platinum, gold, pearls and overall custom-made jewelry. Having a team with so much knowledge and desire to create the custom ring for me made me feel comfortable and happy throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Arpaia Lang Jewelry. There is no comparison for wearing beautifully custom-made jewelry that exceeds all of your expectation all while being competitively priced. Arpaia Lang is a diamond in the rough! I will absolutely be using Arpaia Lang for future jewelry needs. (Hopefully not for another engagement ring!)

Steve Gentile

[Kim and Robert] are two of the most dedicated, honest people I've ever met. Plus, your jewelry is just beautiful and I'm sure everyone, besides me, who buys it and wears it falls in love.

Teresa Meadows

Each of my Arpaia Lang pieces are beautifully designed and carefully crafted of the highest quality materials. They are timeless, look exquisite, and are lighter than air to wear. I receive so many compliments on their unique styling and sparkling appearance. Whatever your desire, from classic to trendy, Arpaia Lang offers exceptional quality and beauty. I treasure the jewelry I have purchased from Kimberly and Robert.

Monica C.

My sister and I absolutely love the selection at Arpaia Lang, and enjoy wearing everything Kimberly and Robert offer, from the most simple designs to glitz and glam. Shopping with Kimberly and Robert is always an exciting and memorable experience for us!

Olivia C.

I shop at Arpaia Lang for myself and for others. Not only do I find a wonderful selection of jewelry at all price points, but they are always adding new items to their collections. They always offer friendly assistance and suggestions, but not in a pushy sales manner. I have purchased fun, casual jewelry as well as formal pieces of jewelry from Arpaia Lang, and I love all of it. Even the gift wrapping and packaging they use makes the purchase special. It is comforting to know that customer service is thriving at Arpaia Lang. I make it a point to support my local retailers, versus shopping at the "big box" stores, and I encourage others to do the same. It's a welcome joy to walk into a shop and be recognized by name and know that my business is appreciated. As a New Haven resident, I also appreciate their commitment to the New Haven community, by their hosting of fundraisers for area non-profits, their free educational workshops, and participation in the On9 neighborhood activities.

Robbin Seipold

Robert and Kim have always treated me like a good friend rather than like just another customer. That's why I go back again and again to Arpaia Lang. Once I am in the store I find the most beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. I have given these items as gifts to loved ones. They are always a huge hit.

John Wareck

Robert and Kim helped me find the most amazing diamond engagement ring. We were so pleased we went back for our wedding bands. The rings are so beautiful and it was such a wonderful experience working with Robert and Kim. We are forever grateful.

Brian and Mai

Stunning... gorgeous... unique... original... These are just a few of the compliments I get almost daily about my custom designed engagement ring and wedding band from Arpaia Lang! There is nothing quite like wearing a one-of-a-kind piece and knowing that it was created especially for you- with only you in mind. In my experiences with Robert and Kim they can do just about anything you want them to, from creating a totally new piece to reinventing an existing design. In addition to custom designs, I also own several other Arpaia Lang pieces, which make me feel special every time I wear them. Their inventory has a wide range from affordable to extravagant so I can always find something to treat myself, without breaking the bank! Working with Robert and Kim could not be easier nor more pleasurable and fun. I have become so spoiled that I simply can no longer justify buying jewelry from anyone else! Why go elsewhere when all the expertise, quality and service can be found in one place?!

Cheryl C.

Having never really shopped jewelry before, I was happy to meet Kim and Robert at Arpaia Lang because they immediately made me feel at ease. They are a unique team; both creatively talented. They have a real feel for jewelry and the people who wear it. Kim has a great knack for recognizing the individual style of a person and helping them find pieces that fit them. Robert is a patient educator, explaining metals and gemstones that help you make a confident purchase. I have bought several pieces of jewelry for myself, something I had never done before and made several gift purchases as well. It’s a great place to shop unique, beautiful jewelry with the assistance of two wonderful people.

Christine Barrett

I am writing to express my thanks to Robert Lang of Arpaia Lang Jewelers for his professionalism and expertise in appraising my jewelry and taking the time to help and share his knowledge in the field of gemstones, diamonds and metals. Not only for their help, but their accommodating my hectic schedule, they fit me into their busy day and helped to insure safety and appraisal in hand. I have been in the antique jewelry business for 30 years and will always trust the expertise of the Arpaia Lang jewelers!

Glen Leroux

We cannot thank Kimberly and Robert enough for all their help with our wedding bands! I have a non-traditional engagement ring and they gave me such great ideas for wedding bands and helped my finance design a band that incorporated some of my ring's design elements as well. From the initial visit through re-sizing and engraving, it was a pleasure working with Kimberly and Robert and we couldn't be happier with our wedding bands...not to mention the birthday, Christmas and bridesmaids gifts I also found on my visits to the shop! The shop is filled with beautiful unique jewelry to fit almost any price point. Thanks Arpaia Lang!

Kim and Dave

This is a special full service retail jewelry store that is owned and operated by two extraordinary people who are passionate about life, all aspects of jewelry, personalized customer service and your perfect shopping experience and purchase. I have followed Robert on his professional journey for over 20 years and have come to know Kimberly through her professional association with Robert and her original line of jewelry. They joined energies several years ago and together have created a unique blending of talents as artists in the field of jewelry and present to the public the "Arpaia Lang" experience. I have made many purchases over the years, and have always had my expectations exceeded. From expert repairs on sentimental pieces, to purchasing earrings for a girlfriend's birthday, to resetting my engagement diamond, to the design and fabrication of one of a kind pieces for both myself and my only daughter, I have come to love them both and what they bring to me as a lover of jewelry, a valued customer and trusted friend! I wear all kinds of jewelry to express my personality and always am able to find what is perfect for me at their gorgeous retail space in New Haven. Fun pieces, popular lines of current styles, trendy and classic pieces to the unique selection of their own superbly made pieces, you will be continually amazed at what is offered at "Arpaia Lang". Everything they showcase is of the highest quality at the best possible pricing-- you too will quickly become enthralled with Robert and Kimberly, and addicted to all aspects of the unique experience that Apraia Lang Jewelers presents to us all.

Theresa C.

My name is Margaret, and I want to tell you a little about my experience at Arpaia Lang (Kimberly and Robert). My first time in the store was amazing. I was in the process of looking for my rings for my special day – my wedding. I wanted something different and unique, one of a kind, and custom-made. I was looking for a black diamond and, of course, Kimberly went into their vault and brought some out. I looked at a few of them, but when she took this particular black diamond out I knew it was for me! My heart started beating fast!

They will work with you from start to finish. Kimberly and Robert make you feel like you are on the red carpet every time you are in their store. So if you are looking for quality jewelry at a great price, please visit Kimberly and Robert at Arpaia Lang.

Margaret S.

When my wife and I decided to get married, Arpaia Lang jewelers took care of our every needs. Aside from being one of New Haven County's finest jewelry purveyors, they are professional, honest and caring towards every potential customer coming through their doors . Whether you're buying a $20 pair of earrings or a $10k diamond engagement ring you are treated with class, respect and your patronage is always appreciated. We were most impressed with their non pushy sales approach that would otherwise discourage a potential buyer. They understand their customers' needs and cater to them. The pieces of jewelry that we have purchased over the past 3 years are timeless treasures that we can pass down from generation to generation. They are and will remain my family jewelers for years to come.

Chris Fiore

I typically cringe at the idea of having to buy jewelry, fearing that I will be pursuaded to purchase an item out of my price range. Those fears wash away when I walk into Arpaia Lang Jewelers! I am greeted by Kim and Robert as if I am their #1 customer and know I am going to receive extraordinary service. Kim and Robert are experts at making my shopping experience enjoyable!

Dave Dudeff

I spent nearly a year shopping for the fairy tale engagement ring. I went to web sites, jewelry stores that advertise heavily online and on cable. I even spent time in New York City, trying to find that special ring. I found out that there was nothing special about what they had to offer. The minute I said 3.25 carat diamond they just wanted to separate me from my money and the pressure was on. I think that the experience itself is what matters as much as the actual purchase.

I needed to find someone that understood the importance of a special occasion as well as delivering a custom quality hard to find item at a reasonable cost. I had heard about a skilled craftsman with an eye for quality at Arpaia Lang. So with muted optimism I headed over to speak to the jeweler.

I was greeted with a warm friendly welcome by Robert Lang. He was also the craftsman I was looking for. He took time to find out what I was looking for and what my vision was. He never asked me for a penny as a matter of fact he sent me home and asked if he could give some thought to our conversation. I knew that he was going to be the one that could deliver on my tall order.

Within days I received a call from Robert asking me to come in. I anxiously headed over to his store. When I arrived I was greeted by a smile and the most stunning stone I had ever seen, absolutely amazing. He sat me down and showed me the ideas he had for the hand crafted setting to showcase this stunning diamond. He had remembered what I had asked for and what I was trying to do. He truly cared and wanted me to be happy. Now here comes the hard part. I had to trust in his ability to carry out our plan for the setting.

I received a call shortly after the visit. This time I rushed down with the enthusiasm of teenager. When I saw the diamond and setting for the first time my heart dropped. His work is truly that of an artist. His creativity and attention to detail is second to none. The ring literally stops people in their tracks. I have never seen anything like it since.

Working with Robert made me realize that for those special moments in life it truly takes someone equally as special .I would recommend Robert to anyone in search of that special something big or small. I wouldn’t even consider going anyplace but Arpaia Lang.