Adjustable Double-Strand Silver Necklace with Fancy Link Chain & Swivel Lobster Clasp

Product Description:

PRETTY!! Our discerning custom clients LOVE LOVE LOVE this adjustable silver necklace. Supple, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, each piece is hand-assembled by the designer, Kimberly Arpaia, in her private New Haven studio.

The body is composed of Argentium 935 silver - a sumptuous metal that beautifully reflects light when polished to a high mirror finish. The clasp and extender chain with decorative bead are composed of 925 sterling silver.

The feminine oval-shape lobster claw clasp functions easily to securely put on and take off the necklace, and the swivel feature allows for relaxed movement during wear.

Please select desired length when adding necklace to bag:

     14" length plus 2" extender $95

     16" length plus 2" extender $105

     18" length plus 2" extender $115

     20" length plus 2" extender $125

This necklace is made to order and ships out approximately two (2) weeks from the order date.

About Argentium: Argentium in this necklace guaranteed by Argentium International Ltd. Argentium silver is made with a small amount of germanium. High-quality Argentium alloys contain a minimum of 93.5% silver. Argentium silver is stronger, brighter, and whiter than traditional 925 sterling silver. Also, Argentium silver maintains a better shine and resists tarnish better under most conditions than does traditional 925 sterling silver.

$95 - $125

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