June's Luminous Moonstone

June is a blessed month with 3 birthstones: pearl, alexandrite and moonstone! Moonstone is also the traditional stone gifted on the 13th wedding anniversary.

Partial to lore, Arpaia Lang celebrates the first day of June with a short tribute to moonstone. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the stone was magically formed out of moonlight and therefore associated this stone with the deities. Also, Hindu mythology shows that moonstone was made of solidified moonbeams, and Asian cultures claimed that every moonstone contained a live spirit. It is easy to understand the high esteem historically granted to moonstone; its internal crystal structure scatters light and creates a phenomenon known as adularescence - the optical effect is reminiscent of the full moon shining through a veil of clouds.

Legend says moonstone brings good luck, that if you hold a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon you can see whether your future love life will be happy or unhappy, that a moonstone placed under a pillow while you sleep will induce dreams of the future, and a dream about a moonstone indicates that danger lurks ahead.

Moonstone is the gift of lovers. Moonstone is claimed to be one of the most romantic gifts between couples because it arouses love and passion! Many believe the moonstone crystal to be so powerful that when worn it can create positivity in one's life. Moonstone has been used as a talisman to cure anxiety, strengthen resolve, and relieve high blood pressure.

Moonstone is a mineral in the plentiful feldspar family. However, fine gem quality moonstone is scarce and becoming scarcer. Moonstone is mined largely in India, Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka (the main source of high quality moonstone), and it is also mined in Mexico, Norway, Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, US, Brazil and Switzerland.

The stone ranges from semitransparent to opaque with the most common colors being light - from colorless to white to light bluish gray with white or blue adularescence. Rarer colors include light green, yellow, brown and sometimes gray to black.

Moonstone is stable in light, but it can be damaged by heat and chemicals. It rates 6-6.5 on the Moh's hardness scale so it is a soft stone. It is also fragile - its toughness rates poor because of natural cleavages in the crystal structure. Therefore, moonstone is best suited for jewelry that is protected, such as earrings and pendants, rather than in rings or bracelets that are constantly subject to banging. Although moonstone can be easily scratched, with proper care, its breathtaking beauty will last a long time.

As with all quality gemstone jewelry, store moonstones separately in a soft pouch or plush compartment away from any other jewelry. To clean, gently rub moonstones with a clean soft microfiber cloth for best results. Never clean moonstone jewelry in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.


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