For Retailers, Dealers, Designers, and Other Resellers

We welcome retailers, dealers, designers, and other resellers to purchase Arpaia original jewelry at wholesale pricing for the sole purpose of resale.  We do not impose any minimums to wholesale orders.

Please contact us through this site with your request.  We are happy to supply wholesale pricing information once your Wholesale Account Application is approved. 

We appreciate your understanding for the breadth of the Wholesale Account Application - part of which is necessitated by the jewelry industry’s compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations pursuant to the US PATRIOT ACT, and part of which is necessitated by our desire to ensure that only true resellers have access to wholesale purchases and pricing information with Arpaia.  We treat all of your account information as confidential, and we take our responsibility very seriously to navigate the retail and wholesale markets thoughtfully and respectfully with honesty and integrity.  Arpaia supports and promotes its resellers!


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