Personal Jewelry Insurance

Fine jewelry is like fine art. Without a rider, homeowner's policies typically provide little coverage.

Upon purchasing a valuable piece of jewelry, you might decide to insure it. An option to homeowner’s insurance is personal jewelry insurance.

Jewelers Mutual promotes “Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance” for comprehensive worldwide replacement coverage against theft, damage, accidental loss, and mysterious disappearance.

We provide a Perfect Circle brochure with items valued $2,500 or higher.

Jewelers MutualContact Jewelers Mutual to learn more about protecting your cherished jewelry: Phone 1-888-884-2424, or visit where you can receive a quick no-obligation insurance quote, apply online, and find more detailed information and tips on insuring and protecting fine jewelry.

Note: Arpaia is not licensed to sell insurance and we do not recommend or provide an opinion on insurance. As a jewelry design studio, Arpaia merely wishes to provide information pertinent to the care, preservation and protection of fine jewelry.