Gem Chat

Whether from our former shop or perusing this site, you’ve come to know the pretty barefoot mannequin with multiple personalities who wears Arpaia jewelry and writes the “Gem Chat” Newsletters.

  • February 2014 Gem Chat Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                                  February Birthstone - The Empowering Amethyst
  • January 2014 Gem Chat Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                                  January Birthstone - The Diverse, Prized, and Historically Significant Garnet

It is our pleasure to introduce our 3 gorgeous gals in 1!

Alana Christina

Here is brunette model, Alana Christina - a sweet, free spirit, who combines bohemian styling with elegance. Easy going, confidant, with no fuss attitude, all rolls off Alana Christina’s very sexy shoulders.

Perlina Diamante

A true doll with the streaked-blond long brown hair is Perlina Diamante, named by one of our newsletter contest winners! Bookish and independent, Perlina is always a perfect lady and delightful to everyone in her path. Though recently away traveling the world for several months with her rich mum (while most dearly missed by us and many of our newsletter members), Perlina is now back with us, modeling part time.

Alotta Diamonds

Our newest model, sporting sassy short platinum blond hair, is Alotta Diamonds (named by one of our clients – a jokester). Alotta is very fresh (no surprise), and she has a penchant for smoking and handmade motorcycles. While she can wear classic looks well, she prefers edgy numbers, which seem to calm her.

We welcome your input, and invite anyone interested to contact Alana Christina, Perlina Diamante, or Alotta Diamonds with comments, insight, meanderings, questions, or just anything at all. All of us look forward to knowing your thoughts!