Arpaia 7.5" Stretch Bracelet with Natural Lapis Lazuli and Pink Peruvian Opal Beads

Product Description:

Women's 7-1/2" length stretch bracelet designed and created by Kimberly Arpaia in New Haven, Connecticut. This bracelet is flexibly strung for wearable comfort. Purchaser receives exact same bracelet shown in photos. 

Women's Wrist Size: Medium-Large. If you desire a similar bracelet in a smaller or larger size, please contact Arpaia Jewelry to request pricing information for a custom order. 

Responsibly-Sourced Components:

Natural Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan (fair trade and ethically mined) smooth polished round beads approximately 6.3 mm and 3-3.5 mm in size. The exceptional quality lapis in this bracelet is from the designer's hand-picked select gemstone inventory.

Natural gem-quality Pink Peruvian Opal approximately 4.3 - 4.4 mm smooth polished round beads. The stones in this bracelet exhibit a highly desirable glassy appearance and saturated milky pink tones free from dark inclusions.

Handmade polished 925 sterling silver knot cover. 

Provided with purchase: gift box, pouch for safekeeping bracelet when not worn, Arpaia Jewelry care brochures, and microfiber cleaning cloth safe for all gems.

Complimentary gift wrap upon request at checkout.

Click the following link to view jewelry care instructions (scroll down menu screen):

About Pink Peruvian Opal: Genuine pink opal mined from the Andean mountain range in Peru is a composite of non-phenomenal common opal (meaning it has no play of color that is seen in some other types of opal) and chalcedony. Its hardness is 6 on the Mohs scale - not as soft as Australian precious opal but still requires gentle care similar to that recommended for soft and organic gems.

Pink Peruvian Opal is widely known as the "stone of spiritual awakening." Its main claimed metaphysical healing property is to remove negative energy and instill relaxation.

The stone signifies peace and tranquility. It is said to reduce fear, worry, and anxiety by clarifying the wearer's emotions so that one sees things as they truly are and not as imagined. 

Spiritual Renewal: Divinity, clairvoyance, and feminine energy are associated with pink Peruvian opal. There are strong beliefs that the stone serves as a guide in the journey of life - to enhance one's potential by allowing inner knowledge, strengthening self-esteem, and igniting creativity.


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